Dome49 Closing

Let me start by saying I love Dome49 Restaurant. It has been a source of a lot of emotions, some overwhelming experiences and I’ve gotten to know a lot of great people, both as patrons and employees.

A short time ago I was presented with an opportunity that came seemingly out of nowhere. After some sleepless nights, lots of consideration and negotiation, I have decided that this opportunity knocked on my door and I am answering that knock. It is a decision that comes with great anguish, as it means closing Dome49, which is not a decision made easily, and will be disappointing to many patrons, and to several banquets and catering bookings that were in the works. For those, I am deeply stressed, as I don’t like to create situations that cause others inconvenience and disappointment.

Tracy and I have spent hours trying to figure out a way to run Dome49 and work the opportunity as well, but after countless scenarios we have come to realize that we have to release the dome and focus on this change in our lives to be fair to it and to have time in our lives to have a life. We pray that everyone understands and we will be supported as we welcome everyone to check out our new place in the valley.

I am in the process of taking the reins at an old venue that is getting a huge renovation. The former Crystal Chandelier Restaurant on Route 28 north of Herkimer, just south of Middleville has a new owner. Renee Scialdo-Shevat, owner of Gems Along the Mohawk, the Herkimer Diamond Mines, and the KOA Campgrounds neighboring the mines, has acquired the restaurant and is presently upgrading the site, which also neighbors the mines. In this way, the site will serve the hundreds of campers visiting the KOA (one of only six KOAs in the country with ‘resort’ status) every year. It will also be open to visitors of the mines seeking supper at closing time of the mines, as well as serve the public for dinner, banquets, parties and more.

The renovated restaurant will be named The Miner’s Table. It will feature a full bar, a 70-seat dining room and 60-seat porch. It also has a 300-seat banquet room, one of the largest in the area, perfect for weddings, reunions, and all manner of gatherings, large or small. A part of the renovation includes the installation of a wood fire oven, which will be used for pizza, but also for all manner of meat, sides, and more…even desserts.

Renee has offered me the position of managing and cooking for the restaurant, as well as a café at the mines, and a pavilion at the campsites, both of which service hundreds of patrons daily during the mining season. All-in-all, the sites combined serve many times more than what I do at Dome49. My background of being in management over half my life, having opened two businesses servicing food for both travelers and local patrons, as well as doing weddings and parties at Beardslee Castle, and lots of catering on small and large scale are all strengths I bring to the position. I also have background in computers, databasing, renovation, and more, and the chance to use all my skills to run a site of this size is a daunting, but exciting opportunity.

Mind you, this is not anything I was actively seeking, and we had several plans for the future of Dome49. I was asked to consider this position on very short notice, and have considered many options in how to move forward. This is a decision I do not make lightly. I take great pride in Dome49 and what Tracy and I have grown it into, with a bright future. I have placed the business on the market, hoping that someone with the passion to run it steps forward. Even if not as a restaurant, I encourage the area communities to support any future business that opens in the dome, and also welcome you all to check out The Miner’s Table when it opens, some time in the coming weeks.

Dome49’s monthly brunch on Sunday, May 1, will be our last day of public operation, and we will have a couple of private events to put on as well.

We hope you’ll stop in during April and at our last brunch to wish us good luck, break bread with us, and tip a toast to our future. We also hope to see you in Middleville for some awesome dinners, and put your trust in us to make your special events extra special.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Rich                                                          © Richard Brown 2016